Web Developer

I offer my web development skills to the public. I charge $30/hr. All expenses for your website, such as purchasing a hosting plan and domain name, are covered by you and not me. Using my own money to purchase something, to have a client pay me back is not accepted.

Some of the services I offer that are related to web development are:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Website Photography
* I only offer my photography and video production services to those who need these for their website.

Contacting me is the first step. A time to meet at my house will be set up. At that time we will discuss what you want your website to look like. If you need a domain name and hosting provider, I will go through the some of the best web hosting companies that offer the best deals. I require a $100 down payment, which will give you 3 hours and 10 mins of my time. You are also required to sign a contract at the initial meeting. After the $100 runs out, you will be sent an invoice each week if you me anything. If you owe me nothing for the week, you will not be sent an invoice. Payment is due no later than 7 days from the date of receiving the invoice. I will not work on the site without your knowledge or without you telling me to do so, so you will know if you owe me anything.

Because I charge hourly, I do not offer any package deals.