Paranormal Investigator

I've been a paranormal investigator since 2009. I was afraid of scary movies when I was a child because I wasn't used to seeing horror movies and they creeped me out. I always thought that the horror characters were going to come and haunt my house. Mostly, my imagination scared the me after seeing horror movies. Now....I LOVE THEM!

So why did I choose to become a paranormal investigator. Well, my interest has been there since I was a child and sort of stemmed from a bit of a religious aspect. As a kid I sometimes heard stories of famous religious figures appearing to people. I loved reading the "Angels On Earth" magazine series when I was little. This intrigued me. As much as it scared me in a way, it was very interesting. When I heard the story behind The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help for the first time, for about a week I was afraid that Mary was going to appear to me, and that scared me. Like I say to everyone. If you just take the time to face your fears, you will probably start to get used to it and it will no longer phase you. This was the case for me. I always loved reading stories about ghosts whether it was religious or not.

Now let's fast forward to the year 2009. The year that I started reading about real life ghost stories, both online and through books. I put my research online on my newly created and first website. Through my research on the internet I discovered a local paranormal team and thought to myself, "That's a thing?" As I read through their website, I kept thinking that it was an awesome idea. Their mission statement said that their primary goal is to help people. I thought to myself, "Wow, I definitely want to do this." I have loved helping people my whole life, so it was a combination of two of my favorite things.

I didn't actually attempt to join any teams. I decided to just start my own. In September of 2009, I created what is now known as Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team. We did start under a different name, as I also had a co-founder. The co-founder didn't like my goals with the team and my future plans for it and no longer wanted anything to do with the team. After this person left I changed a lot of things on the team, including the name.

As of June 2016, we have worked over 100 cases. We've been in the local newspaper. We've done several educational presentations. We've been featured on all Midwest Communications owned radio stations throughout the Midwest. We are one of the most prestigious and exclusive paranormal teams in Wisconsin. For example, we are incredibly strict when it comes to criminal records and members of KPRT.